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Arnold, Lindsay Seidel, Marc ... Final definition, pertaining to or coming at the end; last in place, order, or time: the final meeting of the yearEllis and writer ... Very loosely based on actual events, The Final is a 2010 horror film about a group of high school outcasts who lure their tormentors to a party, drug them, … On 31 July 1941, Hermann Goering orders Reinhard Heydrich to prepare a plan for the ‘Final Solution to the Jewish Question See more. The Final - High school outcasts get revenge on the bullies who torment them. The Final Destination series gets a kick-start with this fourth outing, headed up by the production team behind the second film -- director David R The Final is a 2010 horror film written by Jason Kabolati, directed by Joey Stewart, and starring Jascha Washington, Julin, Justin S

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